Flinto and Hype Pro

While hype can do what Flinto does Flinto does it a bit faster but doesn’t output code which is aimed at UX Designers. It has some interesting ways one can create animations cutting ones workflow by half without a timeline. @Jonathan what do you think?

That is a state based animation system. I tried something similar with a magic transition type of script. That could morph one scene into another. But to really work on a symbol level this would have to be in core.

There’s plenty to like about Flinto. When you limit possibilities you can often achieve a faster UI, this is part of the tradeoff. State-based animations like those in the beginning can be achieved with alternate+relative timelines, and Hype gives a lot more flexibility towards individual animations plus all the extra goodies :slight_smile:. But the model is more compex and not always as visual. There’s definitely room within the tradeoffs for improvements and stealing an idea or two. (Also the scrolling demo in particular is nice!)

Magic Move would also accomplish a lot for this if it were to be a more scene based approach.

Your right regarding alternate+relative timelines, Do you see anything you might just want adopt from flinto or perhaps make current tools or features to be more accessible?

Perhaps :slight_smile:. Proper feature design takes time on a larger app like Hype as one has to figure out if and how the features make sense in context of the app and the wider user workflows. I’m mostly focused on wrapping up v4 so I cannot say what would or wouldn’t make it in, and I don’t usually reveal future plans anyhow! Sorry for the non-answer!

You can use Google Web Designer as it has both… timelines and states. Apart of that fact I hate the software… so ugly :slight_smile:

No thanks to google web designer :smile: . Id rather use hype and maybe give flinto a try as I tried using GWD it didn’t work instead it crashed a few times and the timeline didn’t record. Plus, I think google is not really focusing on it and it feels like they’re going to abandon the project anyday now. On top of that, I too agree that its freagn ugly.

Totally get ya, thank you!