Flexible Layout

(Marc D) #1

Hey Tumult Gang,

I producing a interactive car color designer for a friend – he is a carwrapper

i have a problem with the flexible layout. so can i fix the wheels with the car in flexible layout?
look the screenshots – then you know what i mean :smiley:

sorry for my bad english!

greets from switzerland


It might be a good idea to put the car and the wheels in a group

Can you share a copy of the document?


(Marc D) #3

doesnt work, ive already try to make a group.
convert to a symbol doesnt work too…

yeah you can download it here: http://we.tl/mDhG6eNnB7


worked for me! I just grouped the wheels and the car together. Also make sure the β€œsizing” arrows are not highlighted


(Marc D) #5

sure, but now its not flexible …