Flexible layout on mobile influence desktop layout [bug?]

Ig I set a scene to be flexible, a.k.a. to Scale both Width and Height (under presets), then add a new layout for desktop without any scale set it works in preview. However, when embedded the desktop layout carries the flexible settings (inline height and width set to 100%) instead of following its own width and height.

The embed code (on your page) will match the smallest layout. When the HTML page is actually loaded, that inline width and height will adjust based on the size of the available space for the Hype container. You can see this by comparing the source of your page (In Chrome: option + command + u with the actual HTML Dom. You can view that by ctrl + clicking on the Hype document then click ‘Inspect’.

In Chrome you can also place view-source:https://example.com in front of your URL.

There definitely could be situations where you want to start with a specific layout – you can adjust the initial size of the Hype document to be anything you want, but the available width of the element in which your Hype document is placed in will determine what layout can be shown.

Thank you for the prompt reply Daniel. So essentially, you are suggesting that if the element containing the Hype document has enough space to host the desktop layout, it should display it correctly (inlining its fixed sizes instead of the relative percentages)?
[edited]It does work actually :slight_smile:

It should, but seeing the document in situ would be the best way for us to figure out what’s going on.