Flashing transitions between scenes in iBooks

Hi there,

When I preview the project in my browser everything looks normal. But when I export the project to iBooks Author for iBooks there is a flash at each transition (before the next scene loads). It is more noticeable on iPad compared to Mac. I tried to use crossfade of 0.03s but that does not help, also the “create offline application cache” is ticked. Once the animation is running and I cycle through the transition again it is without any flash. It seems that only the initial screen is loaded upon start. I was browsing the forum and found similar issue regarding the web browser. Do you have any tips? Thank you, Petr

Here’s some things I recommend:

  • Uncheck ‘offline application cache’ – this has the effect of loading more images than are necessary into your device’s memory, which makes it more likely you’ll hit a memory warning (this might be causing the flash)
  • Uncheck ‘preload’ for all images prior to export. You can do that by filtering in the resource library by ‘image’, clicking the first image, holding shift, then clicking the last image, and unchecking ‘preload’:


Let me know if that helps!

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your post. There is not much of a difference. The project has around 40 scenes interlinked among each other, once I return back to the scene there is no flash but when it appears for the first time it produces that flash.


Can you share your project with me? I’ll send you a PM.

I just sent it over. Thank you very much.

Problem solved with persistent symbol on all scenes. Thank you Daniel,


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Glad that helped. For others looking for a solution to flashing between scenes, this specific issue had to do with 700kb images being loaded for each scene. Something that should be possible without flashing, but iPads have issues unloading and loading that much image data into and out of memory. The fix was to place a persistent symbol with similar content behind all elements to have an element that appears at all times, even during scene transitions.

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