Flash (with Actionscript) output to HTML5

Hi, I’m completely new to Hype. About 15 years ago we developed a number of Flash swf files that incorporated Flash’s Action Script. Before I begin my foray into Hype, is it reasonable to expect those old Flash production files (FLA) will work in Hype and, instead of SWF exports, export as HTML5, retaining the scripting functionality? (Basically, our scripts set variables that display tutorials according to URL parameters, while also checking for session status.)

Thanks for any tips in advance of me trialling Hype. I have limited time to determine if it will provide a solution, thus me asking first.


There is not a conversion process for FLA --> HTML5. You would need to recreate this content inside of Hype.

If you can share an example of one of your files (or scripting logic) I’m sure someone here can help with some ideas for converting Action Script to JavaScript.

If you need any extra time beyond the 14 day trial let me know. The trial can be downloaded from: https://tumult.com/hype/download/