Flash when loading scene


I have two scenes. Both are simple a video layer and a button over it. The first video plays and when the button is clicked it jumps to the next scene and the second video will auto play.

The only issue is that there is a very an obvious flicker when loading the second scene. Is there anything I can do to negate this and create a seamless transition?

I am creating to connect multiple videos via buttons letting viewers “choose their own adventure”.

Thank you for your time!

Images are preloaded, but video is not, so I suspect your flickering is coming from the load of the video. There’s not much from a general sense that could be done, but you could employ different strategies to mitigate depending on your needs/requirements:

  • don’t use a different scene and instead have the video load offscreen and move it on when the button is pressed
  • use a crossfade scene transition or cover up the scene until a reasonable amount of time has passed

If you want to go the javascript route, there’s a listing of events you listen to that might help as well.