Flash Transition Guides

This is a pivotal moment for interactive content production on the web. Browser support for Flash decreases every day, and browsers compete with each other to support advanced HTML5 APIs. HTML5 & JavaScript have become the de-facto standard for delivering animation. Flash has become a bad word in web development—but this wasn’t always the case. Flash had such a long and successful lifespan because the tools and the platform allowed creative developers the power to create animations that displayed consistently nearly everywhere.

We realize that people moving from Flash to HTML5 can feel like they’re thrown into a lurch. We produced Flash transition guides to make this transition easier. If you’re moving from Flash into HTML5, or know someone who is, please check out the guides below:

Flash Transition Guides:

If anyone would like to write an additional guide for this series, please get in touch! (Click ‘message’ here).


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