Flash Transition Guide: Character Animation

Hey guys,
I recently created a tutorial for the Tumult team on Character Animation in Hype, wanted to share it here too :smile:

It covers principles I use in flash animation being used into hype as well as the the things I did and learned during it. Let me know what you guys think, if you have any suggestions for other animation examples transfered over to Hype.



Nicely done, Lucky…

Yes, great guide! Thanks for sharing your technique. I also come from Flash (and still cannot abandon it completely). One of the major benefits to me is the ability to manupilate everything within Flash. Flash is also a great vector tool and also bitmaps can be manipulated, so that is in terms of workflow very efficient.
But HTML5 is the future so Hype will certainly be my main tool from now on. A new project is coming up where I probably will go 100% Hype. Looking forward to it!


Cheers! Yeah It’s really scarry because honestly flash does have so much functionality not available elsewhere, but I think once we get to a version where Hype can animate tiny objects in increments and have complicated masks this will fully take over and flash will just be a asset creation tool. Which flash is pretty great at, in TV animation it’s still as huge as it was before but yeah as someone who did flash banners for a long time it does scare me that it will be gone soon. But hey I’ve made a ton of html5 ads now thanks to hype :smile: