Flash in Firefox and Chrome

Hello! I have a flash as I move through a slideshow in firefox and chrome. 2 nights ago it was only in firefox and not in chrome, now it is in both browsers. See the video linked here as an example. My photos are 2500px on the longest size saved at quality 6 jpg.

Not sure what to do… I am happy to zip up the project file to send out if necessary. Thank you so much for all of the help from the forums!


2500px is a very large image and sometimes flashing can occur if browsers can not render the images fast enough. However, I am still a little surprised it is happening. What machine/speed/OS are you using? Can you send a zip of the .hype document?

You could try disabling ‘Use WebKit graphics acceleration’ in the Document Inspector, but this would not affect Firefox. Another performance trick would be to check 'Position with CSS left/top"

There are some cases where server directives can tell a browser to not properly use a cached version of the image, but this is a more rare cause of flashing and wouldn’t happen via the preview.