Flame movement help

Hi. I have created a spaceship and want to show the flame moving. How do I do that?
I’ve created it in a few parts and want to see it move when it lands.


It’s a bit hard to help without seeing any visual aspects of your design. Seeing what you’ve got would help tremendously. :sweat_smile:

Create the flame as a bitmapped strip that varies from one end to another. Either make it seamless via Photoshop > Image > Offset and smooth over the mismatched edges, or make it long enough to cover the required time. If creating a seamless image, set start and end points to create a seamless loop. Place it in a new timeline and create a mask object. Set the strip to scroll to provide the illusion of flickering.

In the main timeline align the object and set a timeline action to play the flame timeline. To create the change when landing, use the main timeline to adjust the width of the mask and the flame.