Fixed position of the object tied to the bottom

Hi guys, help.
I want the group of objects “scroll help” and “share” tied to the bottom to rise only to the level of 623 px, then a fixed position so that it is
fixed (68.8 KB)

I’d do a search for “sticky” or “fixed” on the forums - there are solutions here though they may need to be adopted from the more common top to the bottom.

I already looked at the entire forum on these topics, but I did not find anything like this related to changing the browser window :frowning:
I am weak in programming, that’s why I turn to you for help

You can try out the hype build in feature. (73.4 KB)

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What have you changed? It works for me as before
Here is a good example of what I want to implement!

Imagine that this is a browser window, you see the bottom, the objects are as if attached to the bottom, and if you move the browser window they will go up everything is fine

But if you hide the browser until then, they will also climb up

I want them to move up to a certain point, to be fixed and not to go higher

The follow things i changed:

The feature you want to implement can’t simply achive by hype native features. it needs some javascript functions, you can try search on hype forum, see what could find

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I know that you need javascript)
I am not strong at this, therefore I ask the experts for help hypes)

You can add eventListener to trigger custom behavior. for example:

 	window.onresize = function(){
 		var h = window.innerHeight;
    	 if(h < 900){
 		console.log("custom behavior 1");
 		 } else {
 		console.log("custom behavior 2");
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That’s really neat solution! :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

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Thanks! did not think that the solution is on the surface

uedvincent, thank you too for your help👍

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Simple, Native, Brilliant - Beautiful - Merry Christmas! :sunglasses::evergreen_tree::cocktail::musical_note:

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