Fixed navbar and mobile-friendly sticky footer

I’m looking to put a fixed sticky footer menu nav bar. I was able to put one on the top of the page using the code i found in this forum and would like to do the same at the bottom of the page.

This works great for the top

.HYPE_scene:not(.HYPE_element) { overflow-y: visible !important; } .fixed { position: fixed !important; }

Need one for the Bottom Now?




Here’s one that @h_classen created:

It is dead simple, no code required - but it had an issue with Safari - scrollbars would not show.

I have made some minor tweaks to Hans’ original file:

Unchecked “Use Webkit graphics acceleration” in the “Document Inspector” (scrollbars now show)
• Set the “Content Overflow” to “Auto Scrollbars” (cosmetic change)

Adjusted version here: (63.7 KB)


Wow. I love the forum community and admins for being so helpful.

Thanks a million :slight_smile:

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