First Fully Baked Hype Project

For our October 2016 season,

Normally these interactive story sections were built with Flash, like:

Been trying for years to get off Flash and I finally took the plunge for 2016!


Hi Chris!

Just had a brief look at it - very nice visuals… and the quality of the audio really elevates the experience!

I look forward to spending more time with your presentation.

@chrisgrande nice work, the presentation is simple but very addictive.
Hype seems to be a good replacement of Flash in this kind of works.

just added your presentation in the Webgallery of HypeDocks, nice!

Thanks for the kind words @JimScott!

@michelangelo, it was an experience transitioning, I’ve been trying since the first version of Hype and other tools started hitting the market. While it’s come a long way Flash still has the edge on certain things like alpha channel video being, deep mixing of video and other content and audio control. But it’s getting all getting there!

Thanks for the link, it’s actually called “Deathshead Hollow”, after the moth :wink: Also you might want to link to the year, so it will work next year:

Hi @chrisgrande done.

…you are almost there! nice work

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Very Nice!

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I’d done something similar some years ago using a different app but the swirling cloud was a darker, purple color. This made for some issues with a mottled light/dark background. What I ended up doing was creating a couple of masks, one being a basic transparency mask and the other being a dot pattern. I first applied the pattern, then used the transparency mask. The result was a cloud surrounded by semi-transparent dots that were to small to easily make out. The result for this particular animation was that the lighter dots worked well over the dark areas and the darker dots working well over the the light areas. I also added something that was appropriate for my project, which was a pair of white gloved hands that faded in very close together, then spread apart to reveal the cloud as they faded out.

As seen in your animation, the higher contrast cloud can make things visually compelling, as does the detail of the image.

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