Firefox problems

Hi everyone
I am testing hype animations with the greensock libary . It goes well in Chrome, Safari but not in firefox. What do I wrong. Is this a bug in firefox. The link where i testing is
Is there someone with the same problem?
Thanks, Peter

Maybe this will help:

Hi Rick,
Thanks for the reply.
Its a littlebit strange that only Firefox doesn’t work with svg in different lyouts (desktop, ipad,iphone.)
I did it now with svg-code as innerHtml. That is working fine. But unfortunately there are many roads to a solution. This is time-wasting when you have to handel with every browser issue. Oke, I am not a code warrior.

thanks, Peter

No problem, good to read it works now.

I’m not a ‘code monkey’ (meant in a positive way) either. A long time ago I stopped getting upset about browser differences and just elbow my way around it with the help of sites like this.

It’s one of those things that just are. Annoying but yeah, c’est la vie. :slight_smile:

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Hi Rick,
I agree i was a little upset about it, but after your positive words not anymore.

Thanks, Peter