Firefox pixelated my vector elements


I have a problem with Firefox who pixelated all my vector elements. It work fine on all browser (Safari, IE, Chrome and Opera). In the zip below (TestCarnaval) you can see my menus… I play with scale and for this effect… and I have try to find the problem and have make a little test (TestCarnaval - 2). If you clic on “clic me” One of the circle is perfect and the other is all pixelated! What is the problem?
Tanks in advance! (210.5 KB)
TestCarnaval - (19.0 KB)



I have no idea why this problem is happening - so I created a brand new “Ellipse 1” element. Creating this new element appears to have fixed the issue: TestCarnaval - 2 (18.1 KB)

Note: My demo only has one “Ellipse 1” element; not sure why your version had two identical “Ellipse 1” elements. In any event removing either one of them did not change the pixelated rendering issue.


Indeed you’re right. It is a layer name problem but also a problem of group name. My trouble is that in the document below I have to redo all the animations one by one… It’s a lot of work. Has anyone a solution to copy or duplicate with unique names in unique groups without having to redo everything? (I am doing tests with unique names for each layer but it doesn’t work).
TestCarnaval.hype (208.7 KB)


I am not sure what You mean by the above quote, especially the need to “redo everything”. I can duplicate layers or groups in the example you posted without pixelating issues - regardless of their names - or are You referring to something else?


Thanks for your efforts and sorry for my bad english!
I don’t know how do you do… If i duplicate groups or layers it’s always pixelated… but only on firefox…


I don’t know why this issue is occurring for You. I can duplicate~copy groups or elements without the pixelating even when using Firefox. (255.4 KB)

Maybe someone else or @Daniel ~ @jonathan would have an idea why this is happening.

I’m using v3.6.3 (584) Hype Pro edition; El Capitan OS; Firefox 55.0.3 (64-bit).


Thanks again!
In your example the elements are also pixelated when you click on “Cycle2”… (see capture)…
I’m using v3.6.3 Hype Pro edition (but trial version… 8 days left); Mac OS High Sierra; Firefox 56 (64-bit).


I compared the “original” and the “duplicate” of the “BonhommeHiver” group in Firefox. I think both look the same to my eye (and both look terrible compared to Safari). I think this is a browser issue with Firefox. Along those lines… You can help the rendering of the light text on dark background in Firefox please see this Forum post:

Reversed Bloated Type on Solid Background

"BonhommeHiver" - Original

“BonhommeHiver” - Duplicate


sorry to bother you with this but…
I think it’s not a problem with firefox rendering. In the capture below you can see in the last example that in firefox in the same scene the duplicate element is pixelated and the other not… they are both simple ellipse.
In all cases if there is no solution I’ll do the job again… but it just frustrates me to not understand where the problem comes from. And thank you for this great application! After having tested it several days against competitors it is him that I will choose… I love it!