Firefox Issues Help, irate client!

(Ralph) #1

I finished a project done in Hype and I have the client who says the fonts do not display correctly in Firefox on a pc. I work from a Mac and everything looks great. This was a deadline project and the client is not happy can someone please take a look at these links on Firefox / PC as I looked and the fonts look terrible.


(Steve) #2

I just changed some font choices on a current project from Helvetica to Arial so as to make cross platform font display a none issue. There are fonts on both platforms and choosing from those could alleviate your issue.

The other side is to make fonts used in your project available via CSS import. That seems the more obvious choice when using custom fonts.

(Ralph) #3

Ok so the fonts used in my project need to be the same Helvetica. That font is chosen from the font dropdown in Hype. So you are saying to import Helvetica instead of embedding the way it is? R


It appears that since Helvetica is not installed by default on Windows 10, that Arial is being used. And Arial (when slightly rotated) is not rendered very well.

If I change the rotation back to 0 deg, it appears less jaggy, but still not great:

Part of the story (in addition to Helvetica not being installed in Windows) is also the graphics acceleration defaults for Firefox, which you can find here:

If the machine does not have Acceleration on, then the issue is more likely to occur.

(Steve) #5

Here’s a list of classic Safe Fonts that are available on both platforms by default:

Otherwise you’ll need to bind via import external fonts:


Some Helvetica alternatives which will likely look better across multiple machines:

(Ralph) #7

Used Google Fonts Lato I think I got it now. R