Fill Style on Imports - Back to None?

Hey there! Just a quick question to see if anyone else has had this issue…

I had two imported PNG files that apparently set themselves to Fill Style: None … or something like that over the weekend. After looking around, fiddling with it, etc, easy fix: Set Fill Style back to Image and point to the resource file in the project folder, and it’ll fix itself right as rain!

… that was really strange though. Anyone else notice that happening?

Hi justin!

I haven’t had that exact experience - but something else involving PNG files and the image that shows up inside a spec’d image tag.

I have been experimenting with PNG animation, bring in a series (180+) of 600px x 400px images to run. I only place the initial image in the series in the Animation pane, the rest are wired in sequence in this initial PNG (i.e. same image tag, source file changes). That first image comes back to haunt me somewhere, usually unpredictably, in the animation - the image tag won’t fully release ownership of the original image that starts the sequence, even when the source is switched. My work around is to start with a fully transparent frame.

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