Filemaker Anyone embedded hype document?

Hi all. I am a rank hype beginner. I am also an intermediate FileMaker user.

Has anyone embedded hype animations in FileMaker? I was thinking along the lines of an animation being triggered by a Filemaker user interaction and even embedding a form in the hype document that pushed data to the FileMaker database. I have embedded Javascript chart libraries and I know this will most likely be possible.

I don’t have any experience myself but if Filemaker can accept embedding javascript or HTML then it could be possible.

Thanks Dbear

I think it will be possible and I am hoping to be able to contain all resources within the Filemaker with the view to an offline data driven app that interacts with the infographic or greatly improves Filemaker UI potential .

Could be a partnership made to be … rapid app meet rapid animation.

If I get it working I will post back! I am talking to Filemaker gurus on the FileMaker forum.

For forum reference I was able to get a Hype document running natively on FileMaker Go ( with help of some other FileMaker gurus. Hype can also be made to interact with Filemaker data. It requires sound FileMaker knowledge and Javascript knowledge.

I am a Hype newbie, but I need to know if this was possible before investing time into Hype! Cool!!!

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I have been experimenting with using HYPE documents as NAV elements only for the last couple of days, in fact I love the potential I see but so far I have been storing resources on a web server and am thinking of ways to localize the files for FMP = and found this 5 year old post - today! I would love to read more about the FM Go integration are there articles you can point to?

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