File saved with Hype Standard, now requires Hype Pro

Hi guys!

I have a weird issue, which is some of a matter of urgency - which is why I am looking for help here, as well as reporting it as a bug. Title says it all - created animation with Hype Standard. When I now open it, it states I need a Professional license in order to edit the document - which is not true of course, being a document made with a standard license.

I assume this has happened between application updates, currently running 4.0.7 purchased from App Store. I have tried "restore purchases".

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Thank you in advance for any input.

Kind regards,
Kjetil Haaheim.

I see you shot a support email with the doc; I've replied to the email.

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Excellent customer service, with excellent off-hours response time. Kudos!