File loading very slowly, unbearable to work with

I am having a hard time working in a file doing some more complex animation. Is this because there are multiple (8 or so) symbols animating at the same time? It's making it impossible to work with, I am unable to preview the animations in-file because it's so laggy. Would appreciate any help!

If possible post the project and also at a minimum give some more detail of the setup, like what's in the symbols. what sort of animations are they doing, why?. and what's the goal.

Otherwise it's going to be impossible for us to help you :person_shrugging: :smile:

I've attached the file, appreciate any insight!
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@Daniel hi Daniel! I would love any insight on this, am I just trying to do too much in Hype? This has been an issue in other files but never this bad... Hype works well for animating but I am working on a larger animated reel (file will have at least x5 the amount of current work), will it just crash the file/be super laggy? Thank you!

Unless this has to be embedded on the web with some interactive/dynamic elements, I don't understand why you don't make animations like this in After effects?

It's because it's on a short timeline and I'm more comfortable using Hype... this issue with lag/file size might mean I need to use AE instead

I took a look and it appears this is a general performance issue in Hype with the total number of elements/properties/nesting. I've added this to our list of performance issues to investigate further and (hopefully) fix.

The good news is that it performs pretty well when exported/previewed, so it isn't fundamentally something that we're limited by.

(I didn't see anything too immediate you could do as a workaround short of getting a faster processor..)

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