Feedback on project Interactive House

(Jacob Nielsen) #1

Hi guys, i’ve been working on this project for a while - it’s a website built in one Hype document presenting a newly built house through video and an interactive house scene.

If you click on “Hus” in the menu, it leads to a sort of interactive house, where the user can click on icons to learn more about the windows or the paint used in the house. The project is being launched in 14 days, so still got time to improve it.

Tell me what you think.

Link: www.detå

PS. The house in the video is built only by organic materials and is sort of an experiment.

(Greg) #2

The link is broken, maybe because it has a special character in it " å "


it’s weird I know but drag the url inside the same address bar and it loads!

or try it without www


(Jacob Nielsen) #4

The character is a Danish letter. In the past these characters didn’t work in url’s. But whoever is managing the world wide web fixed this :smile:

If it doesnt work, try http://www.detå

Or drag the url into the same adress bar, as DBear says.


good work!

My 2 cents worth:

• The “tilbage” link … maybe a push top to bottom instead of bottom to top.
• Instead of going to a different scene (page) maybe overlay the videos and text information on top of the house?


(Jacob Nielsen) #7

Yeah, you’re right. Thanks.


I’m not sure if there is. I could do one for you but I’m not at my computer right now. If no one else steps in then I could do something for you. If you still need it in about a day or so then let me know.


(Jacob Nielsen) #9

Cool, thx. I will.

// Jacob

(Jacob Nielsen) #10

Hi @DBear, would begreat to try your solution, if you’ve got time at one point.

Cheers, Jacob


Hi Jacob,

Here is a template. Very crude design :slight_smile: but you get the gist.

Let me know if you need any help with it but it’s pretty straight forward.

D (780.7 KB)

(Jacob Nielsen) #12

Hi @DBear, it looks good. I’m not strong with code (that’s why i use Hype) – if I would add a text together with the video, like i did on http://detå - what should I do?



Hi Jacob,

The ‘popup’ video container is hidden at first but you can unhide it in the document and just add text as you would normally do in Hype. The video width and height can be adjusted in the Javascript playVideo().

You can move the button anywhere you want it’s just there in case anyone wants to close the video before it’s finished.

You could even overlay the text over the video or whatever you want. :slight_smile: