Feature requests: Morph Timelines

Hi Max, I had time to play around with your scene magic hype template. While it's cool and all, It doesn't necessarily work the way "morph" works in ms powerpoint or if you would use timelines in hype, where every scene or timeline can be customized with regard to animation placements, rotations... Looking at Head HTML the animations are predefined and baked into code which uses a world optimizer script. Unless I'm missing something.

The idea I had for @jonathan would be to replicate what timeline does in a scene environment by adding a "morph" selection in the transition drop down.

As for duration, it would be based on users entry, Hype would create a tween in the next scene and user can modify any tween animation bars to be customized further on the next scene.

or another idea would be selecting multiple scenes right clicking and choosing morph for transition the default duration value could be set in the preferences but can be modified within different scenes as the animation bars or tweens would be customizable.

This would be a nice little tweak to hype since many app devs adopted this standard. Not that Timelines is bad its just outdated being that it's from the flash/animate era.

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