Feature request - Loop animation an number of times and stop at the end

Hello - I did search and didn’t found a feature request for this in this forum so I’m posting it.

At my company we make hundreds of ad campaigns with 12 or 20 banner sizes and all of them loop 3 times and then stop in the last frame. We do this easily in Photoshop when creating animated GIF banners with this option.

I would love to see this on Hype since the way of doing it really looks a bit daunting to me and also a lot of work for a simple and repetitive task. Currently I just copy and paste my animation 3 times to get it sorted quickly but it’s not a great solution! I’ll gess I’ll have to get into editing code but having to do it for every single document is a bit of a pain :sweat_smile:

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This thread may help…

I searched for the word ‘loop’ in this forum.

It’s something indeed - but having an option in the UI would so be great and much better than do after editing code in a file all the time. Just saying!


Thanks for the request! I’ve often pondered the right way to do this for Hype and would like to add it.