Feature Request (iOS Safari) Preview

Currently I am using Hype Reflect to test on iOS and it’s mostly all good. I ran into some trouble when developing against resize and some other events though. There is a difference in them (so it seams) and I got frustrated until I realized I could hand of my preview from Hype Reflect to the browser (clicking the small Safari icon). Now I developed against the right target and got it working (resize events ect.) … now I wish I could keep the URL in my Safari open (on the iPad) and just publish against that and not always have to switch to Hype and then Hand it off again to Safari. That would be my feature request… preview on iOS safari OR at least update to the same server URL so i can manually hit refresh.

This also is a little annoyance on local Browsers … every time I hit preview it opens a new Tab. Couldn’t it just refresh the same tab and keep the URL the same? At least an option for that

If you want to see the remaining difference from Hype Reflect to iOS Safari use the file on the framer scroller recently published.

I could swear that I have done that by pushing the preview to say the Mac browser and then just reloading it in the iOS Safari. I may have it wrong in how I was doing it... ? but clearl it is a need to atleast two of us :grinning:

( Ahh I think I may have actually pushed to the Mac and the copied the URL and pasted that into the iOS Safari.
Then after any re push to mac I just reload on iOS)

I think I only see that in Chrome. Which I agree is annoying but it may be a chrome thing?

Thats right! Now that you mention this… as Chrome (is still) my main browser I haven't realized the difference, thanks. @jonathan Why is that and is it fixable (bug)?

That works but I need to fix my URL as it previews under localhost ( and from the iPad I need my local DNS name to reach the mac. So copy and Paste doesn't work without tweaking (it once), for me at least. Might be a setup issue with my Macbook. Also it requires the extra reload and afterwards the refocus on the Hype app as a local browser pops into the foreground. But better then nothing.

As Safari now offers remote web instpector over Wifi maybe there is an API for Hype todo the same and read all open tabs that run it's local server (identified by Port, I guess) on the iPad/iPhone and offer them as a publish targets in the publish to menu.

Screenshot of the "Über Netzwerk" (over network) Developer Tabs in Safari listing my connected devices

If I get a mo at home I will check what mine is and what I do.

Did not realise they changed that from just cable.

Thanks for the feedback!

Here’s a few notes for the behavior you are seeing in regards to iOS preview:

  • Currently Hype blocks all IP addresses other than localhost and will white list IPs that are initiated from a Hype Reflect connection.
  • When the preview button is clicked, the Hype document is exported and internally stored, so you need to initiate some sort of preview to get an up-to-date document.

So in short, if you don’t want to do round-tripping in Hype Reflect, you’ll need to do a single Reflect connection to white list the device, and then you can hit reload in Mobile Safari, but to get the up-to-date version you must still preview somewhere, like on the desktop version.

Safari does not open new tabs and generally is more pleasant for Hype development :). About a year ago, we did look into a solution for Chrome to not do this and found it could be solved with driving it via AppleScript, but ran into sandboxing limitations and ultimately abandoned the effort. I believe there were some Chrome extensions that also helped out but I recall them being wonky… maybe they have improved?

We’ve wanted to allow for better previewing in Windows/Android for a while and have ideas on allowing more open connections and better reload flow on our feature tracker; I think those would probably play into these cases.