[FEATURE REQUEST] - Fonts Management

Im working in a project thats is divided in two hype files, each one has 60 scenes, and I was asked to change all Saira Fonts for CadillacSans.

No big deal, but WHY I have to see other fonts that I never use, it makes this more complicated that It has to be, because each time I click a new text, the text box SCROLLS back to the current font (saira), so I have to keep scrolling up until I FOUND the font I need, but if the font box could actually shows only the fonts I need (the ones installed - download) making these changes would be done real quick.


Since day one i have used Hype, I have never used all those stock fonts, Im always picking from google or using the custom css fonts. those fonts can be a waste of space.

Here is a video that shows my struggle:


You can drill down to just Google fonts by selecting the ‘Family’ dropdown:

This will also show Custom and Monotype if you’ve added those.

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I dont know how I missed that, thanks, thats exactly what I was looking for.