Feature Request: Drag audio into the Timeline


It seems that audio is difficult to work with in Hype. Similar apps allow you to drag audio directly into the timeline and manipulate it there.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #2

Absolutely; definitely realize this is missing. The best you can do right now is create a timeline action that will play audio.

(dean lewis) #3

Can you?
Not for iOS…


Can you what? Not understanding you here.

The OP was referring to working in the Hype environment. and other similar apps

(dean lewis) #5

My question was referring to the previous reply, that you could create a timeline action for audio. My pint was, this is not supported when exporting a hype project intended for iOS.

From the Hype Documentation:

Compatibility Notes
iOS: Audio will not play on iOS devices without user interaction. Thus, audio played ‘On Scene Load’, ‘On Scene Unload’, or using a timeline action will not play back on iPhones, iPads, or iPod touches. Use Mouse Click actions to play audio on iOS. Please see this forum thread for workarounds.

It is disappointing that this still requires workarounds and that there is no way to use timeline actions for Audio intended for iOS.


I like this protection. When you’re out in the real world, sounds should not play from your phone without your explicit permission.


… unless you’re using Hype documents in an iOS app.

(But this topic is more about visualizing & interacting with audio on the timeline)