Feature Request: Copy/Paste with animations AND actions between hype docs

Would be great to copy/paste objects between Hype documents with their animations AND their actions. Currently actions don’t seem to get copied over.


Make sure you select the actions together with the animation bar when you copy. Either by dragging a selection box over them or cmd-A (select all). I assume you mean the Timeline Actions?



As @DBear wrote, keyboard shortcut: command a, works best for me when trying to do this.

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Thanks D & TechGiant2000 - Yes I meant the [object in the timeline]'s actions, like opening a URL or running a timeline.

I tried dragging a selection box, selecting the object in the timeline directly, and Cmd-A (which isn’t useful if I only want to copy a subset of objects), then went to the other Hype document and pasted, and the object’s action did not get pasted along with the object.

Try it between these two documents. CenterClipped_1 has an action for the square to open a URL. When copying it and pasting it in CenterClipped_2, the action won’t be copied over, at least for me using the latest beta (build 504).

What might be nice would be a “paste special…” command, where you can copy any element, and paste it (either in the same Hype document or another Hype document) with the option to include/exclude things like animations, actions, maybe even formatting (might be useful for copying/pasting text) and xyz coordinates.

CenteredClipped_1.hype.zip (13.6 KB)

CenteredClipped_2.hype.zip (13.4 KB)

Ahh. You mean the actions in the action inspector!!

I was thinking actions as in the “Timeline Actions” in the timeline window.

Now I gotcha.


I expected this to work and now I have to recreate all my keyframes. :cry:

Can you copy JUST the actions of one object to another?

If you select the blue animation bars (the animation) or timeline actions and select Edit > Copy, and then select another element in the element list, you can paste those animations + timeline actions. There isn’t a way at this time to copy just actions acting on an element.

That seems like an elemental miss. I know in Edge Animate, you could do this easy. Perhaps a feature request update? Heh.


Definitely a good request - Edge’s “Paste Actions” is pretty cool.

Edge’s action system was all based on specific/unique javascript per action - this makes it a lot easier to copy from one document to the next. Hype’s actions are driven more by UI and has strong association with the document. This isn’t to say it is impossible, just a little trickier to implement properly.

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Or a ‘duplicate’ function. Option-click-drag a timeline action would save, oh so much time. :stuck_out_tongue: