Feature Request: Built in texturesheet generator

@MaxZieb What a laborious process, wouldn't it be better if hype intelligently automated this process by turning individual added resource images (brought onto the stage) when working within the app and when done, turn into an image sprite when exporting to html as an option and reference the changes within the exported html code. Just thinking, what if we have a python export script that can allow something like this to take place @Jonathan? Perhaps future versions of hype can introduce this feature without running any kind of script.

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There is always better. But if you streamline this process is rather quick and if you optimize your ad for the Master banner below the destination size, creating size-banner variations can reuse the same resources. But as discussed by @Daniel in another thread it is not obvious if the ROI is worth it.

That could work, but you need to have a good packing algorithm (fitting images into 2000 square pixel sheets). The process was more about creating a full sheet of transparent PNG but using a JPEG and a CSS Mask. To get the most from it there needs to be parameters for the quality of either in the export script. The steps you would usually "eyeball" in Photoshop.

Im aware of the limit for sprite sheets which is 2000px. I'd imagine the way it would work is, hype would convert width, height and percentages from hype "staged layers" to intelligently create a sprite sheet for those resources. Resulting in less code when exported and not many browser requests vs the traditional way.

One Idea would be, selecting all of the "staged layers" and having a new feature that one can simply select to pack up in hype in a similar ui that hype 4 already has when creating a sprite sheet out of transperent pngs.

As this is a thread about Texture packer… I am seeing a separate feature request for something you would like to see in Hype. The GUI your asking for is: Texture Packer. It is not part of Hype, but if you prepare the resource before importing them in Hype you have the same effect.

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I agree, but this will take away from any manual procedure and do it at export only so all raw resources are in your resources panel. Sorry for somewhat of an irrelevant reply.

Well, I guess if it were essential to Hype I would agree. But as Hype doesn't generate most of the resources we are talking about here: images. These are anyway "prepared" before importing them. So, there is no real good reason to regenerate the texture sheet in my opinion. Maybe if Hype converted some of its Font layer etc. an extension would be cool though.

You're right that Hype is in the spot to provide the most automated help with generating a texture sheet, since in a lot of cases it has a good idea of resource sizes that are actually used and can also apply appropriate offsets/clips to the background-image CSS. That said, there's lots of edge cases in which getting it right could be a challenge; it isn't clear to me what the balance of being able to have it work fully automated or with manual intervention would be :slight_smile:. We've gotten a low volume of requests for it over time, but do have it logged in our tracker.