Feature request - Add Lazyload option for images

I would be pleased to see in the next update lazyload option for images, maybe for videos…
It would be great to create something like use Unsplash on their website -
from black&white and blurred to fully colorful and sharp picture.

I know there is already in Hype option “preload” but I think that lazyloading is in some ways better.
If I’m wrong, feel free to correct me.


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Thanks for the request. If preloading is not set, images effectively are lazily loaded when the browser deems that they should be shown. Of course, it would be nice to have event callbacks to control when images are loaded, so you could take action on it (such as removing a low res thumbnail).


@jonathan Thanks for reply.
I have one more feature request.

It would be really big step forward if you add option in Hype "load the whole website gradually.
I mean now I can control only if I want Show loading indicator or not, what is nice but sometimes, specially when the webpage is big, it take a long time to load and as I know Hype will display (show) the content of the website after it’ll completely load.
So I suggest to add option “load gradually” in which will webpage load normally and each object will display imidiately after it’ll load.

I hope you know what I mean with this :slight_smile:
If there is already possibility to achieve this result, please let me know.

Totally agree - there’s some documents where you never want preloading at all. I’d like to make it easier to configure this. (Step one is at least to have multiple selection in the Resource Library to disable them all easily anyhow!)


Hi, any news regarding lazy load? I use Hype mainly for building entire websites that range from 3MB to 6MB so this feature would help a lot.
I know you can add a loading indicator, but the website doesn’t show up until the entire info is downloaded. It would help a lot if we could load the top part first, then continue loading the rest.
I’ve use iframes to achieve this, but other workarounds would also help.

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Nothing to publicly announce at this time, but it is pretty high on the priority list.

While Hype may not have a built-in solution right now, you can uncheck the preload box in the resources library (likely along with automatically optimize) and use your own javascript code to preload. This could drive a timeline via the Hype API or use your own visuals.

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