Feature needed for the forums

Happy Monday everyone! :heart:


I think some suggestions are ignored (shown on the right when creating a new topic).

If something has been asked before, I typically answer the question by pointing to an answer post, and hide the duplicate to keep things here clean and easier to navigate.

I'm ok with questions being asked multiple times. The longer people hang out here, the more they get a sense for how to find answers (a lot of it is the search words are not always obvious)


I've been guilty of this a couple of times. I felt REALLY foolish once I realized it and now I try to do a thorough search before asking a question.

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I had one other meme I think the Tumult team might appreciate (@Daniel @jonathan and @MaxZieb )

it's a bug


been there, done that, didnt complain in the forums though because I did not want to admit the mistake :grinning:

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Ha! It is true that this happens from time to time that Hype is absolutely the wrong tool for the job in the first place :slight_smile:. But usually there's a quasi overlap of users wanting a specific bit of interactivity or web-ness (say non-absolute positioning) that makes theoretical sense and just isn't how Hype is built. Even if it hurts that we can't really fulfill the request, at least I like knowing what folks are trying to do (and a missing feature != bug).

(also to clarify: @MaxZieb is not part of Tumult but just an awesome person)


@jonathan I'm fairly certain that with the combined knowledge and ingenuity in this forum, there's basically nothing Hype can't do in some way.

Is your cat scratching furniture? Integrate your Hype project with Arduino to power a robotic hand with a water squirt bottle, spraying the cat, and simultaneously play an audio file yelling "NO!"

Want to lose weight? Connect your Hype project with a Launchpad MSP controller to send battery current through the handle of the refrigerator, shocking the user, and simultaneously play an audio file yelling "NO!"

Is your house haunted? Hype project + Netduino WiFi scriptable interface + WiFi connected thermostat to detect localized temperature drops indicating a ghost manifestation. Use the MutationObserver extension to monitor changes and alert the user to GTFO of the house.

I'm pretty sure you could control a nuclear reactor with a Hype-built interface. :radioactive: :star_struck: :radioactive:

The new SpaceX cockpits run a build of Chromium, and we can neither confirm nor deny they own licenses.


I KNEW IT!!! :laughing:

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