Feature adds to Whisk

After playing with Whisk a bit.
I like it.

One of the things I really like is the ability to create code snippets.
I work in Atom quite a bit and the code snippet feature reminds me of the autocomplete package that is enabled with that application.

For example if I type “html” in Atom it builds me a barebones template so I can get started.
In Whisk I just created a snippet and assigned a shortcut to do the same thing.

Will Whisk have any future autocomplete features or will we be able to share snippets with the community?
The ability to share those snippets as templates for everything from responsive email to basic web pages or php scripts will be pretty helpful.

Also…pet peeve Tumult needs to add “Save As” to the file menu of it’s products.

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Thanks for the feedback!

These are both good requests. We’ve been wanting to do better autocomplete-help for a while.

If you hold down the option key, then Duplicate becomes Save As. This is due to using the Versions/Autosave feature that started in Mac OS X 10.7. This site has some expanded tips for permanently having a Save As:

I believe if you turn off Versions entirely it will also fall back to showing a Save As, but I think the Versions/Autosave feature is pretty great.

defaults write com.tumult.Whisk ApplePersistence -bool no