Faster Loading Time

(Jonathan Langberg) #1

I am going to be making a site fully in Hype for the first time but have a little apprehension regarding the time it takes to load a Hype page. Rather than creating multiple scenes for each page, I am going to create separate Hype documents for Google indexing purposes. I have a few of questions:

  1. How many seconds does it take for this page to load:

  2. Do you think it is too long for a visitor to wait?

  3. If so, is there anything I can do to make the page load faster?

Rather than individual elements loading, it seems as though nothing shows up until everything is loaded. Is there any way to at least target the ID for the menu so that shows up immediately? Or any desired element for that matter?



This is a pretty optimized page, and loads in less than a second for me.

You can check out further recommendations with the Yslow extension:

(Ken Heins) #3

Very good, I have no issues at all with the loading time.