Falling Rain Effect Repeated (with accumulation on floor and without accumulation)


I have an ellipse/circle element that is above the scene. I apply physics so it falls into the scene and stops when it hits the floor or the bottom of the scene.

I can copy and paste it 100 hundred times so it looks like rain or snow falling, but this can create issues when I’m trying to have it fall continuously for 30+ seconds (1,000+ copies)

Two questions:

(1) Is there a way for it to repeat the fall (without manually copying), and allow it to still rest on the scenes floor after the fall. So technically the rain/snow/object is accumulating on the floor.

(2) Is there a way to remove the floor, and still allow it to repeat the fall continuously after it has left the scene. So technically it does not accumulate on the floor?

I appreciate everyones help!

Physics won’t work for this. It will slow down the browser dramatically. Instead, search for particles…