Failure to export an animation into a movie

I have a scene in which I have and animated iPad that rotate 90 and then back to its initial state. The animation time length is 5 sec. It runs ok in the browser preview. It runs ok in an iBooks Author document. I does not run in a fixed layout epub I am creating/ To solve this problem temporarily, I decided to export the animation into a video. The exported mp4 shows a file with 0 sec time duration.

Any ideas why is this happening?

you should post the file …

may be there’s a timeline that is not started …

How can I post the hype file? Th file size is 4.8 MB.

This is a modified hype file. (1.5 MB)

this exports to video here!¿ no problem …

you should go in contact with hype to examine your problem

Exports well for me: – can you try adjusting the duration field to be 5 seconds during export?

Thank you!

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I did try increasing the time (even up to 10s) and it didn’t work. When I open it with VLC or Final Cut Pro, the video duration is 0 sec.

Thank you any ways.

After shutting down the computer and booting again the problem disappeared. I got the video I was looking for.

Thank you all for your help.