F.ing Dropbox ban!

do not share much and I most definitely do not have Traffic over 20GB a day, But I just tried to share 57MB movie here and bang all my sharing on dropbox banned. WTF. Now I am reading that it could be 3 days before they come back. Ironically I do not share much so this will not affect me much but I am not sure how this would affect me if I was sharing webpages …

Has anyone else run into their sharing account being suspended…?

Sorry to hear that, Mark. They are probably leaving that type of decision to a really dumb algorithm. I feel like they want to encourage the dropbox share links, and discourage the Public folder.

I think you are right.

Not really a smart approach especially if your customers are thinking of going pro. Whats the point if all they are going to do is hit you with a ban because some algorithm gets is so vastly wrong…

I have moved the video to my own site now. You may find it interesting, It’s of a text expander I wrote for when I write functions in Hype…

I just spotted the email that tells me about this ban and since it is my first I can remove it in my account.

Going into my account I see I have a title of just one 100MB of shared files. So what dropbox is telling me that in the space of a day one or all of those file racked up over 20GB of traffic.

Total bllx.

The ban is removed now but I note that on the same page that I had to remove it, there was the strong suggestion that I upgrade to the pro version, where I will not have this problem because I get 1TB of traffic a day… huh, huh