Extract Pasted SVG Files from Hype

Hello there,

Short time User, first time writer. Really like this program, works like a charm for Banner Creation…

I have a small Question. Is there any way to get the svg files that i get into a hype document by copy/pasting them from illustrator as stand alone Files without exporting the whole project to online ready html?

And is there a way to change the Name of said SVG’s? (i had like 12 PastedVector.svg’s in the Resources Window at one time, which made things a bit confusing…)


Not sure what you mean. The images are imported into the resource folder. If you want users to users to be able to download them, create links to the images pointing to their location once your have uploaded the project to your site.

<a href="link/to/your/download/file" download>Download link</a>

I understand that they show up in the hype.resource folder after i’ve exported the project. but before that, when i copy and paste a vector directly from Adobe Illustrator it shows up like this in Hype

How can i change the Name of the actual svg resource before i export the project? And where does it reside before i export it? Am i missing something?

You may have better luck embedding as an inline SVG ( see: Animated SVG plays in Safari but not in Firefox )

The filename is locked once you paste it into into Hype unfortunately. Before you export it, it is within the filename.hype package.

If you copy into a Text editor, you can get the <svg... code from the SVG file for placing directly within an element. A rectangle works well for this: Insert > Rectangle, then Edit > Edit inner HTML.

alrighty, thanks for the tips/info.

Avoid copy/paste SVG’s. The file size will be much bigger. In Illustrator use File > Export > Export As > SVG