External runtime URL not working

Hi all,
Having problems finding a external runtime URL that works for DoubleClick ads.

Below used to work but not now.

Seems thats file sizes for these sort of ads are now getting stupid…
(sometimes limit is 80k for Australian publishers).

Anyone have ideas?


We just released v3.6.8 but those runtime files weren’t posted in that repo yet; we will do that shortly.

But you can actually move to using what will be the “Official CDN” that has the up-to-date files:


Thx Jonathan.

This is updated now with the latest runtimes.

Hi Jonathan,
Still not working for me.

Have I forgotten something?

Invalid URL. The URL structure is /gh/user/repo@version/file.js

The problem is that the selected export slice “Banners” isn’t checked for export. So you’re probably editing the external runtime URL on that one, but only the “UNIA3190_300x600” export slice is set to export. I’d guess you need to edit it there too.

If that’s not the case, is there a specific message in your web developer console? You can also send a zip of your .hype document and let me know the steps you’re using to try to view it.

P.S. The URL you enter itself won’t work because the runtime is added to it, so the combined URL like this will work:


Hey Jonathan, thanks for the help.
Zip attached - still not seeing anything, just unzipping folder and clicking the index.html
If I Advanced Export without the external Runtime URL - works.

BannerTest.hype.zip (368.1 KB)

I used https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/gh/tumult/hype-runtime/ as the external URL. What may have happened is as @jonathan said, you changed one slice, but not both. The export options can be set independently for both slices:

BannerTest.hype 2.zip (286.7 KB)

Thanks guys for your help.

Hi Daniel, Just had chance to test and still not working.
I opened BannerTest.hype 2.zip you supplied back to me with no luck.
So I have attached the zip files I created. Also console errors and screenshot of error when I try to validate zip through Google’s HTML5 Validator.

The runtime seems to be blocked but I see it in the code. Sorry I’m a bit lost now.

Banners.zip (105.4 KB)
UNIA3190_300x600.zip (105.4 KB)

Ah sorry for the confusion; this is a bug in Hype v3. Specifying an External URL in Advanced Export won’t work properly with the DoubleClick Studio script (well, any export script that has a certain inlining property set). There’s two workarounds:

  • This bug has already been fixed for v4; you are welcome to join the beta. (just let me know when you’ve applied so I can send out the invite)
  • You can make a small modification to the export script via:
    1. In the Finder, choose ‘Go > Go to Folder…’ and enter ~/Library/Application Scripts/com.tumult.Hype2/DoubleClickStudio/
    2. Open DoubleClick Studio.hype-export.py in the text editor of your choice
    3. Comment out this line:
      "exportShouldInlineHypeJS" : True,
      put a # in front, so it will look like:
      #"exportShouldInlineHypeJS" : True,
    4. Save the file and close

Now when you do an Advanced Export with the DoubleClick Studio script it should work correctly. I’ve verified that ads can be loaded in this method.

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Thanks guys, thought I was going crazy.
Working now.
You guys are awesome.


Awesome - glad that finally worked out!

Hi Jonathan, did application for beta.

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I just sent out another batch! Check your email :slight_smile:.