External Javascript Library

Hi there,

I was wondering if it 's possible to use the excellent js Library from Greensock (GSAP). If yes, someone could tell me how to insert i inside a Hype project.


You can add javascript libraries to your Hype project via the Resources Pane, then click on the + sign at the bottom and click “Add File…”…

Or just drag the xxx.js file into this window directly from finder.
the link will be automatically added to the <head>-tag (Head HTML)

I’m having a blast playing with the new Hype3 Pro and it might be my goto IDE for future TweenMax projects. I just posted a how to here…


If you simply drag and drop TweenMax.js into the resources panel you’ll “pop” into Hype’s code editor with a generic required function already “stubbed out”. Just start writing your code in there and you are off to the races. NOTE: It’s much easier to work with Hype instead of fighting it, so if you want to add buttons do it with the Hype Actions panel instead of writing your own from scratch with jQuery or raw javascript.

You can play with my simple demo Hype file here…



Thanks Andy, that’s a great tutorial.

Wow, awesome job putting that tutorial together! Very useful.