Exporting to video

Possible to have custom framerate or at least have 50 and 60fps as a selection?

Also, ability to change encoder to other than h264 like RAW would be good for no artifact output ready for After Efffects etc.



I agree that a 60 frame output would be good. I ended up using Hype to create some animated titles for an exhibition. I guess it does beg the question though, surely we’d be using AE or PP instead of Hype for video work?

I do like the simplicity and speed of Hype though - and for that reason would love more features for the video output. But from Tumult’s pov - it’s not their focus of the application?

I haven’t checked but can Hype import Tiff seq’s? That would be a nifty feature for the animation side of things - with a timeline already in place it might be a feasible feature.

Preferred framerates for me would be: 23.974, 24, 25, 30 & 60 this covers all bases for us ol’ video geeks using Hype as part of the workflow.

EDIT: also resolution support of: 720p, 1080p, 2k and 4k would future proof - but probably strain many CPU’s!

Hype is much cheaper than AE! And also, I created some nice animated titles with the physics engine but really needed a higher framerate.

Alpha channels would be cool too but maybe asking too much! :wink:

Doesn’t Hype already support those resolutions you mentioned? 720 and 1080 is in the resolution drop down list and you could type in the 4K one.

I am working on an update that could add a few more options to video export. I’ll look into adding 50 and 60 fps. Thanks for the suggestion!

Great news Stephen. I’d also look at output size, more so than frame rate imho. I think the output is capped at 640 at the moment?

EDIT: Just seen Billy’s comment! didn’t realise it outputted at 1080p.

I think there’s massive scope to use Hype for simple title cards and lower thirds. It’s a nice option given how popular video is becoming with web work these days.

For our introductory videos, we created 8 second animations for a 4 second video. We slowed down our animations in a video editor to get super smooth frame rates. A bit more info about that here: Video Titles with Hype's Export to Video Feature

We currently cap the output size to whatever your Scene Size is. However I plan on removing this restriction as well.

Perhaps a little off-topic, but I don’t see a way to export a single video from multiple scenes. Is that possible? Or is it only one video export per scene?


I think you can only export one animation per scene.

As a video, you wouldn’t have a need to export multiple videos I can think of? Is there a reason you would need to? Even high end NLE’s work on one timeline at a time (no pun intended) - although they can use multiple sequences.

Again, this is more of a feature in a video editor than a web application. Thoughts?

No -- A video is generated based on what happens in your animation without user input. If you had a scene that had a Timeline Action at the end of its timeline to switch the next scene, this scene switch (and the transition) will be a part of your video export. You can link up an unlimited number of scenes or timelines this way, and the video export will intelligently understand your animation's duration.