Exporting to video comes out pixelated

I have 10 or so scenes with one background in all I have rectangle shapes that scale in each scene with text generated from Hype

the rectangle shapes and text look pixelated.

Any help? Link to file is below

It looks like your document size is 720 x 540, so this is the default video export size (when you view this full screen it may look pretty pixelated, but should look good if you’re viewing it on a smaller device). If you increase the height during export to 1080 this will give you a 1080p export. Here’s what I get when exporting a few seconds at that higher resolution: https://cl.ly/56312e6591b7

I used these settings:

Ok did that and it looks much clearer but all scenes except the first start oversized then shrink to correct size, see here

That video link doesn’t seem to work; can you post another URL?