Exporting to Lottie files

Hi everybody,

I'm new to this forum. Is there a way to export a Hype file to a Lottie file?

Many thanks in forward and have a nice and healthy x-mas time.

Simple answer: no

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@MaxZieb is correct, of course the more complex answer is that it is a popular request and we've added your feedback as a +1 on our tracker :slight_smile:.

Thanks and Happy New Year!

Hype is not working that way, you can import Lottie json and play it in hype :upside_down_face:

Hi Jonathan,

thanks for information, sounds great. Looking forward to use it.


Thank you Vincent, wanted to use it just the other way, not into Hype but from Hype.

Anyhow thanks you.

Why not do it from After effects? Should be way more easy.

I'm a total enemy of Adobes monthly payments!


Not sure what you mean. If you bought Adobe Aftereffects before Adobe implemented Creative Cloud it was around 1100 Euros or even more if you bought the Master Collection (2700 Euros) back then. Now you pay 24 Euros a month for AE or 65 Euros for the Master Collection and always get the newest version. In that sense, you pay much less 1100/24 = 45... month of usage. Totally worth it if you need it to begin with. If you work in education or are a student, your license costs even less. I think the move to CC made it much more accessible, even though you need to adjust your mindset coming from the old world of onetime payments.

Might be, but I didn't and I won't. No need for it. I'm quite happy with FinalCut Pro and DaVince Resolve. I don't like Adobes behavior at all. Finished!

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I understand the Lottie displays the animation programatically but is there any advantage to using lottie if there is no intention to control it with script?

Hype interactive content uses the HTML DOM, whereas lottie has different rendering options that may be useful depending on device or circumstances. Also it is what some folks may simply be required or familiar to work with.

I'd say if Hype's HTML output works for your current situation there's no reason to change.

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Great thanks Jonathan

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