Exporting to GIF - Low quality even at high frame rate?

Hi guys,

It’s good to be here! I recently discovered this new software while browsing online. I have been playing around with it since using it and while attempting an export to GIF it turns out all low quality for some reason? I have attached my file for reference. It includes a basic animation to begin with at the moment, but I will progress further on more features. I am using SVG images if this helps? Although I don’t intend to export using GIF it would be a good tool if I was to design something for other purposes such as email newsletters with a funky animation. This will be used as an advertisement board (728x90)

See attachment to discover more!animation-basic-started.hype.zip (25.3 KB)

Thanks - Ashley :grinning:

Good to have you here! Interesting timing - one of our goals for the next release is to improve GIF export.

Here’s what I get when I export with Hype 3.5.5 (391KB):

I wouldn’t say it looks to bad to me compared to the original? Can you describe what parts are low quality?

As a teaser,here’s the output in the upcoming version of Hype (298 KB):

I don’t really see a big difference, but at least it is smaller.

It does occur to me that if you’re on a retina screen, you should note that the GIF export is at @1x. If you wanted a retina GIF, you can double the pixel size in the export save panel. Here’s what that looks like (595 KB):

I’m happy to add you to the beta if you’re interested.

Err… it appears that the forum is doing something to the images to make them all look crappy; I recommend downloading and seeing locally.

Thanks for your reply Jonathan!

I see, so since I have viewed them locally it’s fine. In terms of pushing me onto the Beta - I’m on a free trial at the moment but will be getting the premium version very soon.