Exporting to a Ipad Pro thats going to be offline

Hello everybody,
Im making a project in HTML5 that will have to go on an iPad Pro (iOS 9.3.4) and it will be offline when used, so all the files must be local on the iPad.

My question is how can i export the HTML5 to the iPad and run it on Safari or any browser.


There’s two options in Hype’s Document Inspector you’ll want to check:

  1. Create offline application cache
  2. Home screen web app

Then after publishing to a site, visit that URL. Use Mobile Safari’s share button to Add to Home screen. Be sure to run this once.

There are other more complicated approaches you could take, such as making an iOS application that contains a web view displaying your project, but the home screen web app is the simplest if you have control of the environment.

Another option is using a Kiosk app: