Exporting PDF sequence


We are using Hype to create small animations to include in our mobile apps (iOS and Android). We export the animations as PNG sequences. iOS requires various image resolutions (1x, 2x, 3x) so we have to export the sequences in these three resolutions.

As you may know, iOS supports PDF to handle resolution-independent images (Xcode will automatically generate PNGs at 1x, 2x and 3x).

Thus, it would be nice if Hype could export PDF sequences as well. It would allow us to export only one sequence to be included in our project.



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Thanks for the feature request!

My workflow for creating these images would be to export a 3x image, then use automator to run a workflow to generate the additional resolutions.

Alternatively, you could make one animation, and scale your symbols:

  • Create a 3x-resolution symbol with your original animation
  • Create a 2x-resolution version of your symbol on a new scene (hold down ⌘ while dragging a corner to get it to fit in a 2x-resolution space)
  • Create a 1x resolution scene
  • With your 3x-sized first, use File > Export as Movie > PNG sequence and use the filename Animation@
  • Repeat for your other 2 scenes
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Thanks Daniel,

I think designing at 1x is the best approach for mobile designers so we’ll probably use either your Automator solution, or keep exporting 3 kind of sequences. Anyway, I hope we’ll see PDF export one day! Vectors FTW :wink: