Exporting image sequence

Hi All,

I really like Hype but the only thing is missing is a feature for exporting png sequence images.
Please please give us this feature. I will by the pro if the this feature is built.

Or is this possible??? Please help!


The latest version of Hype Pro 3.0.3 now has the ability to export to a PNG sequence.


Yeeaaah! I will update thank u for ur reply

Hi there,

On the apple store only 3.0.2 is available, is it possible to push an update there?
I’m based in Europe Netherlands.

Or a link where i can download 3.0.3, I mean a link that works with the software I already downloaded from the appStore.

Thank you

As we wait for Apple to approve 3.0.3, you can use the trial from http://tumult.com/hype/download to use the image sequence export feature.

The 3.0.3 update has been approved. To export as a PNG sequence: Check for updates, install the latest, and select: File > Export as Movie > PNG Sequence.

Hi Daniel,

Im verry happy right now thanks a lot.