Exporting Hype to HTML5: Are Uppercases, dashes and underscores allowed when exporting?


So Whenever I export my files I typically have a naming convention to organize my files such as “Name-Type_01”. So when I export my file, i notice the folder will include the uppercase, dashes, and underscore but inside the folder the title of the .js files strips that away and the contents inside the .js file are mixture between the naming conventions.

So for example converting turns out like this:
Folder= Name-Type_01.hyperesources
JS = nametype01_hype_generated_script.js

So I’m wondering is there a way to keeping the uppercasing, dashes, or underscores when converting to HTML5?


You could definitely rename the Generated JS file after export (and adjust the reference to it), but Hype is going to convert to the lowercase and symbol-free format. We do this because some servers (even today in 2019 :exploding_head: ) are not smart about uppercase vs lowercase filename, so our sanitation here is to ensure that we’re being as safe as possible.

Ah gotcha. It’s too bad there isn’t an option for that, but I totally understand. Thanks for clarifying!