Exporting Gif trouble


exporting Gif ,file size becomes allways 1240x800. even if I setup as 1000x540.
Please give me an advice…


Hi. When exporting as a gif. The size is constrained to your document size so if changed … it will automatically change in proportion. So 1240x800 couldn’t become 1000x540 (proprtionally it would be 1000x645) unless you have changed the scene size to 1000x540. Perhaps there is an issue with your copy of Hype. Perhaps @jonathan would have more info. I could not reproduce this.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #3

It’d be useful to attach a zip of the .hype document and also let us know what version of Hype you are using.


Thank you for your response . I attached a zip file.
I tried many times but I could not solved this problem.
Please check what is wrong
cloudAnimation.hype.zip (61.9 KB)


Thank you for your reply .
I’m sorry I made mistake . The exported file is 1000 x 540 as I set up but the images becomes smaller in same proportion .

(Jonathan Deutsch) #6

The exported image itself is 1000x540, but the Head HTML code is scaling it down. You may want to remove that code before exporting as a GIF.


Thank you so much. I solved the problem.


Thank you so much. I solved the problem.
It was because of the head HTML code .