Exporting for email campaign?

I am 100% new to HTML (but 25 year of Mac/Adobe designexperience), and I cannot get a simple eblast design to load in mailchimp or zoho.

Its a simple document, 1 logo, 1 pic, some text - I export to HTML5 in a folder, zip the resource folder and upload both the .html file and the zipped folder, per instructions - but both the preview and test send as blank images. Any ideas?

Emails don’t support JavaScript (Tumult Hype animations run with JavaScript), but you can export as an animated GIF if you need animation in your email. You may be interested in this tutorial:


It’s not animated, its static. Anyway to make the exporting HTML clean enough to pass muster?

Unfortunately not. Elements within scenes are positioned based on JavaScript functions. Tumult Hype is not really built to generate layouts for systems that do not support JavaScript.

Well that sinks my boat… I bought Hype3 solely to do HTML based eblasts. So this is for web banners and pages only?

I didn’t know what “eblast” was, so I googled it. The explanation was kinda funny. :smiley:

"A ridiculous non-word made up by marketing people who think the term “e-mail” is inadequate to describe the explosive excitement of their mass e-mails."

Sorry Rick, but Hype is a really good software for what it does. Doing HTML5 interactive and animated content without having to know code. Google Web Designer wouldn’t do it better. The interactivity and animation from e-mail campaigns though, are kinda restricted and often boring.

Maybe you can use Adobe DreamWeaver or something?

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thats odd, when I google it I get:
Definition of: e-blast. e-blast. (E-mail-BLAST) An e-mail message that is sent out to many recipients. If the volume is huge, and the recipients are random rather than targeted, an e-blast is no different than spam.

When you get an email from Gamestop, BestBuy, Apple - whomever, you subscribed to the email list, it’s an eblast. yes, I’ll have to find a different option. In my defense, if you visit the home page of Hype, you’ll find this:

Nothing says “I Love You” like an animated valentine’s day card! Or send clients animated season’s greetings.

I assumed if it could do ecards, delivered via email, then an eblast (email ad) is not a far jump.

Ah, yes. Sorry Rick. I do agree, that might be a bit of wrong marketing from Tumult. Unless I missed something.
Did not see that before!

If you bought Hype via the app store, you can get your money back if your request it.
Don’t know, but you might be able to get it from mailing them as well?

Interesting; from this light I can see how there could be an assumption that eCards would be email-only and Hype documents would work in this environment. Hype’s first few production documents were animated invitations (we still have WooGrit in our Gallery); so this has been a use case for a while, with authors emailing links out. I’ll try to rethink this text to be more clear.

If it won’t meet your needs, feel free to email us at support@tumult.com and we can issue a refund.

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