Exporting as an image

(Steve Warby) #1

I have the following single page web site.

I am trying to create an image of the page.
If I try to print or export PDF from safari I only get part of the page.
If I choose export from Hype the youtube images just show as blank images.

Is there a way to achieve this ?


Steve Warby


You could probably use an add on for the browsers. E.g Chrome and Firefox I know have screen capture for entire web pages. “Fireshot” is quite a good one. Available for both. Not sure about Safari.

In Safari if you Export as PDF (rather than print) you get the whole page with images too.

(Steve Warby) #3

The export from safari gives me this:

(Mark Hunte) #4

I use Paparazzi

Set the capture size to macbook pro 15’’ , Widen the actual Paparazzi window. which helps the layout size of the display.
Set a 3.0 delay.

(Steve Warby) #5

Cheers Mark,

got that working at home mac but kept crashing on my work mac (10 years old).

Steve Warby


Hi Steve!

I also had a problem with Paparazzi. I went to the Chrome Store yesterday to check out screen shot extensions and I found one called “Open ScreenShot” - here.

I’ve only used it to capture your page demo target - no problem. It’s received high ratings & it’s free.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #7

If the entire page happens to be an entire Hype document, you could use the File > Export as Move > PNG Sequence… and then just export a single frame (timecode like 00:00.01).