Exported gif with clickable buttons?

Pardon me for such a newbie question, but is it possible to make an exported gif with clickable buttons? I’d love for an easy way to share a small animation that also is interactive, such as putting in an e-mail, on social media etc.

GIFs themselves are just an image format and cannot have interactivity.

Within an email you can use basic HTML without javascript, so you could at least enclose it within an <a href="">...</a> tag.

ok, thanks!

Is there a self-contained shareable way to make animations?

It depends on how/where you plan to share them. Video formats like a movie (mp4) and animated GIFs are the most self-contained and will work on most sources, but of course cannot have interactivity. A large reason for this is in regards to running arbitrary code and respecting privacy.

Many places allow embedding arbitrary HTML. If you can’t add resources, often you can use an <iframe> that will link to a site you are hosting.

Sometimes the best method is just to post publicly and share a link!